Join a Cell Group

In ROLCC, we believe that every member needs to belong to a spiritual family within the River of Life Cell Church. Cell groups provide the structure for the building of strong relationships and effective discipleship in ROLCC. They are the places where you will receive love and care. In the cell group, you will have the opportunity to serve others as well as to be served. Join one of our exciting cell groups today!

You can choose a suitable cell group for yourself according to your personal needs, background or residential location.

If you need any help in finding a group or if you have any questions, please contact Pastor Doris (408) 260-0257 ext. 113


Zone/Category & Time

Cell Leaders                           


Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Saratoga

Friday 7:30pm

Daniel & Crystal 

Email: dhli70x7[at]


Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, Union City, Santa Clara, Campbell,  San Jose, Gilroy

Friday 7:00pm

@ church in Children's Check-Out Room

Allen & Elly

Email: allenshuang[at]


Category: Family with Children

Every Other Friday 7:00pm

Kent Mak

Email: mak3man[at]


Single's Working Professional

Friday 7:00pm

@ church in Children's Check-In Room 

Pastor Doris

Email: rolcc_doris[at]

Category: Day Time

Wednesday 10:30am

Pastor Doris

Email: rolcc_doris[at]

Family with babies and toddlers

Saturday 10:00am

@church in D6 & D7

Steve & Shino

Email: sjohanson[at]

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