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The Plan

In all these years, God’s anointing of His presence among us has been evident. That’s the reason we’ve been so blessed by God, and we must pass on this blessing.

<<Construction Progress>>

The Expansion

Expand main structure by 32,000+ square feet, 25% more than current space. Add a 2,000-seat sanctuary, bring total worship attendance to 3,500 at any given time


You can participate through prayer, donations,and sharingthe vision with others.  Together let us build
A House of Shekinah Glory!
<<Trees & Chairs Legacy Program>>



What does the vision of a church of 5000 have to do with me? We are very comfortable now, why do we have to be bigger than we already are?


Updated on 9/20, 2017

Praise the Lord! At 6 AM this morning, the construction workers began raising up the walls of the Shekinah Glory building. It was drizzling when they first started, so the whole construction team began praying for good weather. Amazingly, 15 minutes later, the rain stopped.

Since each concrete wall weighs 110 tons, we recruited the Bay Area’s largest crane (Bigge) to lift each piece. After propping each wall up, 4 metal beams were used for support. It took around 30 minutes to complete one wall. Thanks to the Lord! At around 5 PM, 12 of the walls were successfully and safely completed. The Shekinah Glory construction project has moved to its new stage. 

Donation Summary
As of October 17, 2017   Received amount: $8,642,109.68

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