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In all these years, God’s anointing of His presence among us has been evident. That’s the reason we’ve been so blessed by God, and we must pass on this blessing.

<<Construction Progress>>

The Expansion

Expand main structure by 32,000+ square feet, 25% more than current space. Add a 2,000-seat sanctuary, bring total worship attendance to 3,500 at any given time


You can participate through prayer, donations,and sharingthe vision with others.  Together let us build
A House of Shekinah Glory!
<<Trees & Chairs Legacy Program>>
<<21-Day Building Special Donation>>



What does the vision of a church of 5000 have to do with me? We are very comfortable now, why do we have to be bigger than we already are?


Updated on 9/29/2018

  1. We are fast approaching the much anticipated completion of the new building. Various internal facilities such as lights, chairs, and stage are now being installed with great pace. Likewise, the garden view of the new plaza, though not yet completed, is already exhibiting promising charm.
  2. The grand opening ceremony of the new chapel is scheduled to start at 10:00 am on October 20. On the day, in addition to the brothers and sisters of River of Life, guest pastors, government officials, builders and daughter church pastors from all around will come and join our celebration. Together we'll witness the glory of God in the Shekinah Glory chapel.
  3. The 21-day online donation campaign for Shekinah Glory has begun on September 29, aiming to bridge the remaining five million dollars from the fundraising target. Let us join our hearts and offer our all to reach this fundraising goal within 21 days.
 More videos and photos on Construction Progress and facebook
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